NMR Images of Gray's Brain

So I signed up for a psychology study with University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. The only payment for being strapped into a NMR scanner for two (yes 2) hours was a bunch of poor quality black and white images. Oh well. In any case, for the amount of suffering I endured, I have to show them.

It was an interesting study. Basically, they were looking at my brain in real time trying to figure out what parts were involved during short term memory of random shape patterns. The problem is that the shapes weren't random. I remembered enough of my psych 101 class at Pitt to identify the shapes with one syllable names so I wouldn't overload my short term memory. They didn't want to tell me what they were testing for but they were disappointed I used this methodology to do the tests.

Axial NMR Shot
Axial Slice -- Horizontal to the ground. Top of head.
Coronal NMR Shot
Coronal Slice -- From ear to ear. Back of head.
Sagittal NMR Shot
Sagittal Slice -- From nose (left-side) to back of head.

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